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Pediatric Urgent Care in Chicago & La Grange, IL

Pediatric Urgent Care You Can Trust

At Metro Urgent Care, our providers are always available for your child's urgent pediatric care needs. We understand that children's illnesses and injuries can be unexpected. That is why we are available at Convenient hours, weekdays, and Saturday mornings to give the attention and service that will make your child feel better quickly!

Looking for a Pediatric Clinic near You? Your Search Ends with Us.


Why Choose Us for Pediatric Urgent Care?

Metro Urgent Care is a pediatric care center that focuses on patient care, satisfaction, and cost. We deliver skilled, personalized, economical, and convenient quality care to help your children stay healthy and safe.

  • In-House services for all the care you need - Digital x-ray services and in-house pharmacy, so you can get the care you need in one visit.
  • Kid-friendly medical equipment and exam rooms - Our goal is to reduce the stress of a regular doctor's visit.
  • Get seen quickly - If you are worried about getting seen, then you shouldn't. Never wait long hours to get the care you need.
  • No appointments are needed for exams - You don't need a prior appointment for treatment or to receive a physical exam.

Why Should I Take My Child to a Pediatric Urgent Care?

Sometimes, you are not able to get your child to their regular pediatrician due to lack of appointment availability, or you need care after typical business hours. This is where an urgent care can help! You can get the care your child needs quickly and conveniently.

Here is a list of pediatric care we provide for children:

Ear infection

Ear infections are a common condition that affects children. Your child may have symptoms like fever, ear pain, difficulty hearing, dizziness, and nausea. Our providers will first examine your child's ears, looking for redness, fluid leakage, perforation in the eardrum, etc. Then they will determine a treatment plan suited for your child's infection. Treatment may include ear drops, warm compresses, antibiotics, or ibuprofen.


Skin rashes may occur on your child's skin due to heat, drug reactions, plants, etc. Skin rashes should be treated immediately. We realize the significance of being inquired by a medical staff member in urgent cases involving a rash here at Metro Urgent Care, so we do not wait to get the you're your child needs.

Foreign body removal

Eighty percent (80%) of foreign body removal instances occur with children! Small things such as beads, pebbles, food, buttons, or plastic toys are the most prevalent foreign bodies in young toddlers. Our medical practitioners can remove the foreign bodies in our office. It will, however, depend on the position of the foreign object, the type of material, and where it is located.

School, sports & camp physicals

A thorough physical from Metro Urgent Care combines the care of a primary care doctor with the quickness and convenience of urgent care. During a physical exam, we will assess your child's overall health to see if they are ready for any school, sport, or camp activity.

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

It is crucial to seek medical care if your child has been experiencing consistent nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea for more than three days. Our pediatric immediate care doctor will recommend the right treatment and medications depending on your child's symptoms.

Are you searching for pediatric urgent care near you in Chicago or La Grange, IL? If yes, contact us at Metro Urgent care to schedule an appointment with our doctors. We are a walk-in clinic and provide 24-hour pediatric urgent care for children who are suffering from various conditions.

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FAQs- All About Pediatric Care

Here are some benefits of pediatric care:

  • Get seen quickly for any non-emergency issues.
  • Receive the right dosage and medications for your child - dosages are often different for children than for adults!
  • Expertise in pediatric injuries and care
  • Kid-friendly medical equipment and exam rooms
  • In-House digital x-ray services and pharmacy for immediate care

Pediatric care is dedicated to children where a physician specializes in diagnosing and treating, whereas, in the case of regular urgent care, a health professional doesn't provide specialized care to children. Children often need different dosages and injury care from adults!

There are no set rules of when your child should stop receiving pediatric care. However, as your children grow and hit puberty and adolescence, you can take the next step toward adult care.

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