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Abscess Treatment in Chicago, IL

Expert Cyst & Abscess Removal at Metro Urgent Care

Worried about a cyst or an abscess? Visit us at Metro Urgent Care and get it checked and removed by our expert professionals.


What is an Abscess, and What is a Cyst?

Cysts and abscesses are fluid-filled lumps on the body. However, cysts and abscesses are not medically the same. Cysts are usually painless, whereas abscesses are extremely painful and uncomfortable. An abscess forms when a cyst becomes infected or sore. While cysts and abscesses are not a medical emergency and can be treated at home, draining them requires medical expertise.

If a cyst or abscess is refusing to budge with home remedies and is causing discomfort, visit us at Metro Urgent Care for a check-up. Our team of professionals is experienced in safe aspiration and drainage of cysts and abscesses, offering instant relief from pain.

Abscesses & Cysts: Causes & Treatment

Cysts are caused by clogged oil glands or an infection around a foreign object in the body, such as a piercing. Abscesses result from inflammation caused when bacteria enter the skin through a puncture or when oil and sweat glands get clogged.

The following are two ways of treating cysts and abscesses:

  • Fine needle aspiration - During this procedure, the area of the cyst or abscess is numbed using local anesthesia, and a needle is inserted into the cyst or abscess. The fluid is then drained through the needle.
  • Incision and drainage - This procedure is similar to a fine needle incision, the only difference being that the incision can also be made with a scalpel. The pus is drained out, the area is cleaned with a saline solution, and the wound is dressed with a bandage. A drain might be inserted to prevent further accumulation of pus till the cyst or the abscess is completely healed.

Antibiotics are also often prescribed to ensure there is no infection. The drained fluid may be tested for malignancy. The patient may need to return for several more sessions for the complete removal of the cyst or abscess.

What are the Signs of an Abscess?

The tell-tale signs of an abscess are:

  • A smooth swelling under the skin with a visible build-up of white or yellow fluid
  • Redness and tenderness in the area
  • Painful swelling that is warm to the touch
  • It might be accompanied by chills and a fever

Why Choose Metro Urgent Care for Abscess Treatment?

Your health and well-being are our priority, and we take great care in diagnosing and treating abscesses and cysts. Besides a dedicated team of providers with years of experience, Metro Urgent Care also has:

  • On-site pharmacy
  • Very little to no wait times
  • No appointments are needed; you can always walk in

If you are worried about a cyst or are suffering from a painful abscess, don't wait. Visit our Metro Urgent Care walk-in clinic in Chicago, IL, for a quick check-up and to discuss your treatment options with our expert healthcare professionals.

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