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Sports and Other Physicals in Chicago, IL

Urgent Care Sports and Other Physicals in Chicago, Illinois

Metro Urgent Care provides same-day school, camp, and sports physical exams for people of all ages in Chicago.

Sports Physicals

What Are Sports Physicals?

A sports physical exam, also known as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE) in the medical field, helps to determine whether or not a person is physically capable of participating in a sport. Before beginning school, a new activity, or camp, make sure your child is healthy and ready to participate.

At Metro Urgent Care, you'll get the care you'd expect from a primary care doctor with the speed and convenience of urgent care. Walk-in physical exams are always welcome, and our hours of availability ensure that you can get the physical exam when it is convenient for you!

Get a Physical

Why Get a Physical Exam?

The main goal of a sports physical exam is prevention. The exam will either reassure you that your health is fine or notify you of an upcoming health condition while there is still time to rectify it. Many schools will require their athletes to complete a physical.

A comprehensive physical examination assists your doctor in detecting medical concerns at an early stage, allowing them to be addressed and managed more effectively. High blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, and diabetes are just a few examples. Your physical exam may also be used to identify any possible weight issues that could develop into obesity, and we can advise you on some basic strategies to control the problem.

What Are Some Different Types of Physicals?

Different types of physicals include:

General physical (for adults)

This is a common test to assess your overall health. Also known as a wellness check, it measures vital indicators like temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate and analyses your body with techniques including observation, palpitation, percussion, and auscultation.

Camp physical

A camp physical checks for pre-existing medical issues that might put your kid at risk while participating in usual camp activities. It may help examine your child's overall health, identify any risks, and propose any required precautions, treatments, or prescriptions.

School physical (K-12)

Most schools require students to get school physicals before they engage in sports or other activities. This annual visit allows doctors to evaluate progress and treat any physical, emotional, or social issues.

Sports physical (K-12)

A sports physical is a visit to the doctor to ensure that you are physically fit to participate in the sport you wish to play. Sports physicals are not only for children. Even sports superstars must see a doctor to ensure that they are in peak condition.

College sports physicals

College and university sports physicals are needed in numerous states across the United States. The goal is to decrease significant sports-related injuries and health difficulties, as well as mortality caused by a worsening of an existing condition.

Employment physical

A pre-employment physical is a medical test that companies may require prospective recruits to take to determine that they are physically and mentally capable of doing the job. It is a standard norm in many companies’ onboarding processes.

Occupational Health

Why Choose Metro Urgent Care?

Metro Urgent Care is focused on providing the best patient care and satisfaction at the most affordable cost. Our sports, camp, and school physicals are performed by trained and experienced physicians who take complete care of your well-being.

  • In-House services for all the care you need - In-House digital x-ray facility and an in-house pharmacy allow you to receive the care you require in a single visit.
  • Successful physical care - Our goal is to ensure you have the best physical health.
  • Get seen quickly - Don’t worry about long wait hours. Our urgent care team will see you within minutes.
  • No appointments are needed for exams - You don't need a prior appointment for a physical exam at our center.

Contact Us Today for a Physical!

Are you searching for urgent care sports physical near you? If yes, contact us at Metro Urgent Care to schedule an appointment with our doctors. We are a walk-in clinic and provide same-day sports physicals near you in Chicago for children and adults.

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FAQs- All About Sports Physical Exam

Regular health examinations and testing can help detect issues before they become serious. They can also aid in the early detection of issues when treatment and cure are more likely. Getting the correct health services, exams, and treatments increases your chances of living a longer, healthier life.

A sports and camp physical examination is a health and fitness check-up for your teenager or teen. The goal is to see whether your child has any health conditions that might cause problems if they participate in sports.

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out a form detailing your child's medical history before being sent to a private assessment room. The examination usually lasts less than 30 minutes. We will go through your medical history, including vaccines, and do a general medical check-up.

Yes, we will provide documentation of the visit listing all the details in it.

No, you don’t need to make an appointment.

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